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Hear from our community about how we help serve them with their recycling needs in the greater Vancouver area!

"In my recent meetings with two of our largest clients, both organizations expressed their admiration and gratitude for Mary's exceptional dedication and work ethic. They specifically highlighted Mary's consistent willingness to go above and beyond in her role and her unwavering positive attitude. Additionally, the Publish team wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks to Mary for the positive impact she has on every event. We appreciate her ability to infuse positivity into every interaction, her knack for bringing smiles and laughter, and her instrumental role in ensuring the success of each event. Mary's ability to make events not just successful but also enjoyable is truly remarkable. In an era where clients often rush to share negative experiences, it is indeed refreshing to be able to spotlight the positivity that Mary consistently brings to her work."

- Warren

"I picked up two cement plant holders today. Brought them home and decided to make them into bird baths. The birds are already stopping by for a much needed drink. Love to watch them drink and bath. Yesterday I picked up some gardening gloves that I passed on to the Coquitlam River cleanup crew. They were so very thankful. I just wanted you to know, how some of your free items are being used. We are all so very thankful."

- Janet

"The Keep It Green Material Reuse Warehouse has been a wonderful discovery for our business. In the past, each new project we embarked upon meant many hours of trying to source what to do with the goods we couldn't retain at the end. Some are lightly used, some not all, but we just didn't have the room to store them, or the manpower to devote to liquidating the items. The Keep It Green Material Reuse provides us with a valuable resource, to either accept items we no longer have use for, or to provide items we may be looking for. It also fits into our Environmental Policies as we endeavour to recycle and reuse as much as we are able to. - Thank you Keep It Green Material Reuse."

-Alex Skrepnik - Film and Television

"...by the way, I think your crew is awesome! The team is always helpful and looking for ways to improve on our set up."

-Nina Wright Construction Buyer

"I thought the roll out for the food donation program was really well done i.e.: fridge on site and cleaned bi-weekly, food pick-ups are timely and our guilt is reduced almost as much as our food waste! I am happy to talk to any other offices who may have questions about the management of the program (SO simple and convenient). We will 100% be doing this next season. I want to thank you so much for all your hard work to make this accessible to Arrow."

- Fawn

"I have been using the services of Keep It Green since their inception. It was such a relief to find a company that could deal with all of our recycling needs, provide education and install a system that is so easy to use. The customer service is amazing and the pricing is very competitive. Best of all they had an understanding of our business and how it directly impacts the environment so they could provide a solution that met our needs. When they opened the Keep It Green Material Reuse, they allowed people in my industry to truly achieve targets of improved recycling and waste management. I cannot recommend the company enough."

- Suzie - Film Accountant

Thank you Kelsey for all the support, wisdom, great ideas and enthusiasm! Your team is always a big help to me and I enjoy everyone's attitude towards diverting stuff away from landfill. It's been a pleasure working with all the great folks at Keep It Green this season. Look forward to seeing you all next season!

-Mary Holmes

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