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Kelsey Evans

Kelsey Evans is the Owner and Operator of the recycling company, Keep It Green Recycling, which services business, film productions, homes and special events in the Metro Vancouver area. Since elementary school, Kelsey has taken part in many recycling clubs. She has always been passionate for recycling and enjoys creating ways in which she can apply sustainability towards the environment.

Building on her sustainable production work on shows such as Tomorrowland, she is consulting with Green Spark Group to advance a coordinated approach to sustainable production efforts in British Columbia.

Her best piece of advice for keeping our planet green is to choose to work with a recycling company who is passionate about what they do and dispose of your waste properly.

Ian Loslo
Operations Manager

Ian started with our team back in the summer of 2014. He found a job listing on Craigslist and the rest is history! Ian loves working with people, our team and our clients. He enjoys the social aspect of his job; he loves helping our clients with their recycling needs.

“I try to use a reusable cup whenever possible and also teach friends and family about recycling and what can and cannot be recycled. A piece of advice for how you can contribute in keeping the planet clean is to use reusable bags over plastic and cut down on energy use at home.”

When Ian isn’t at work, he enjoys golfing and being social with friends and family. We are so thankful to have Ian leading our team and managing our clients.

Katrina Logan
Administrative Coordinator

Katrina works mainly on location at our facility in Port Coquitlam. Her favourite part about her day at Keep It Green Recycling is helping the environment while being able to stay active and interact with so many people.

“We’re a bit of a smaller group so we really get to know each other on a personal level.”

Personal initiatives Katrina is a part of, is at her townhouse complex. She has all kinds of bins for different types of recycling set up including compost bins for food waste. She even will help out friends and family with their recycling bin set ups too!

Katrina has lived in the Port Moody area her whole life and has been a part of it’s growth. She’s a huge animal lover and she has a dog named Daisy! In her spare time she loves hanging out with friends, playing board and card games and is even in a few bowling leagues.

Her best piece of advice for keeping our planet green is a few simple things. Carpooling or even turning the lights off when your not using them is a great way to start!

Gary Ng

Gary joined our team in 2018. His favourite part of his day is visiting all the film studios, sites and stages. He takes admiration in everyone’s hard work and creativity in the industry.

“I grew up in Hong Kong which was not that “green” while growing up. Since visiting again recently, I have seen it has cleaned up quite a lot!”

He personally recycles and composts material at home. He is an advocate to his friends in recycling rather than rubbishing their recyclables.

Steve Farmer

Having downsized from a full-size detached home to a condominium Steve has noticed a pretty drastic decrease in the recycling he goes through. Smaller living quarters seems to result in a smaller recycling footprint. He’s now putting in a conscious effort to further decrease his recycling output – perhaps just to minimize the amount of trips taken to empty it in the downstairs dumpster! Of course he also enjoys seeing the world become a cleaner and more sustainable place one step at a time through the act of recycling. 

After spending a lifetime around cameras, Steve finds it interesting to visit different film sets throughout the day. It is a perspective not many get to experience – seeing the inner workings of all the different departments is a real treat.

Scott Evans

Scott joined our team in September 2020. He learned about KIGR through his sister Kelsey and decided to join our crew.
Scott grew up in Powell River. His favorite things about living there were being part of a small town and enjoying the outdoors.
In his spare time Scott enjoys off roading in his lifted Jeep and working on vehicles in the driveway.
Scott grew up in a household that recycled everything and he still does to this day.

Steve Tyers
Truck Team member

I learned about KIG when I repurposed materials through the Sustainable Lockup project. Over the following year I watched the business grow and believed what they were doing was essential to the community. I overheard Kelsey and Ian talking about needing more help and without hesitation I stepped up and joined in. My professional life was already busy, but this was working with purpose greater than the norm; future generations need to have sustainable habits and be more responsible managing the ecosystem. My kids and grandkids deserve a beautiful B.C. so I am doing my part and hopefully leading by example.
I have been fortunate to live in some wonderful cities, blessed with a beautiful family and fantastic friends. Professionally I have been a healthcare provider, a researcher, an educator and a consultant. Now I stop stuff from needlessly hitting the landfills.

Natasha Smith
Truck Team Member

I heard about Keep It Green through an online search and applied to work here in March 2019. I am passionate about recycling and sustainability, and I aspired to have a meaningful job where I was making a difference. I look forward to my day working with the team, discovering new things about recycling and visiting the film studios. I try to avoid single use plastics whenever possible, and buy my groceries in bulk. A little about me, I grew up in Coquitlam and love doing yoga and hiking with my dog. A few ways to have a positive impact on the environment is to limit your consumption of meat and animal products, and repurpose old clothing instead of buying fast fashion.

Ethan Fiorito-Gross
Truck Team Member

Keep It Green was doing the recycling pickups at my last job and when I saw they were hiring it was a no brainer for me to apply for the job because the crew always looked happy and enjoyed the the work.

My favourite part of the day is seeing all of the movie sets and being part of the recycling movement in the industry.

At home my girlfriend and I try not to use single use plastics. We use reusable straws, ziplocks and bags for grocery shopping.

I’ve always lived in the lower mainland. I enjoy hiking, outdoor activities and i’m working towards my Private pilots License.

Sharon Legendre
Warehouse Team Member

Sharon joined out team in January 2020. She learned about Keep It GreenRecycling from her daughter and shortly after she was part of the team.

Sharon is blessed with a great family. She has 5 children, 5 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

At home Sharon does a lot of composting, repurposing and recycling. Her biggest piece of advise for keeping our planet green is to turn off the lights when not in use, unplug items in your home when you’re not using them and try and use as much natural light as you can.

Izzy & Luna

Izzy and Luna are our furry and friendly greeters at our home base in Port Coquitlam.

These two hop in the car every morning with Kelsey and join her and the office team for the day at Keep It Green Recycling. If you’ve ever come to the office, you’ll have been greeted by them.

Be sure to give a pat and a few cuddles to these two next time you’re in!