Material Reuse

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Material Reuse

Materials in, materials out. The motion picture industry processes an incredible amount of material while developing film and tv, and for a long time, Metro Vancouver did not have a place or network to house used donated materials and redistribute them back into the community. Think costumes, set materials, props, equipment, and everything and anything you see on film. Some of these materials are rented and reused within the industry, but many end up in the landfill.

This need was an opportunity that Keep It Green Recycling and Green Spark Group decided to take on and in May 2017, the Sustainable Lockup was formed. The Sustainable Lock up has now become the Keep It Green Recycling Material Reuse Warehouse and accepts materials from homes and businesses too. Since opening, the Keep It Green Material Reuse Warehouse has been able to receive and redistribute over 1165 1 ton trucks of reusable materials!

Once reusable materials are accepted, they are made available to the film industry, schools, community theatre groups, artists, and charities - for free! This ultimately saves filmmakers and artists money on both ends of the production; by not having to purchase some of their necessary materials and by reducing their waste disposal fees.

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Special thanks to Zena Harris and The Green Spark Team for helping start the Material Reuse service.

Load up reusable materials and arrange for a drop-off at our Material Reuse Warehouse. We will temporarily store materials until we can find a home for them or make sure they are recycled responsibly!

Items accepted:
Furniture • Clothing & Accessories • Electronics • Housewares • Media & Books • Toys • Construction Materials • Set Decorations • Seasonal Items • Packing material • Office & Art Supplies • Paint • Lighting • and more!

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