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Our team of 9 is passionate for recycling. We enjoy creating ways in which we can apply sustainability towards the environment while giving back to our community.

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We'd love to work with you. Our team services various types of businesses & special events. Call on us, and we can help you donate & recycle, with out creating waste.


Hear from our clients and community! Check out what environmental and sustainability movements we are a part of while giving back to those in need.

Who We Are

We are a locally owned and operated Recycling company based out of Port Coquitlam, B.C. Since elementary school founder, Kelsey Evans has taken part in many recycling clubs. She has always been passionate for recycling and enjoys creating ways in which she can apply sustainability towards the environment. While working in the Film Industry she began her recycling program, which rapidly grew into Keep It Green Recycling. Our current team of 9, proudly services the Greater Vancouver area.

What We Do

Keep It Green Recycling started out as just a recycling company, however it has grown into one of the most successful recycling and waste management companies in the area. (It's in large part to the film industry here in B.C.)

KIGR sets up custom zero waste programs to divert your waste from the landfill and reduce your carbon footprint. We strive to make the recycling process clean, straightforward and easy to use. We accomplish this through our knowledgeable employees, upfront pricing (no hidden fees), specialty labels on all bins and custom orientation during setup. In the end we can also generate a personalized diversion report to show you how much you've recycled and the impact it has on our beautiful planet!

Our material reuse side of the business accepts reusable items and they're made available to the film industry, (film)schools, community, theatre groups, artists and charities – for free!

Lastly, food donation and recycling on a film set are two additional programs that are very important to KIGR. Please feel free to check out the information we have available on these subjects or contact us for more details.

Coronavirus Covid-19 Update

 Do to the current situation with the global pandemic , Keep It Green Recycling will be following "Social Distancing" protocols

No more than 2 people in the warehouse

-Staying at least 2 meters apart

-Wearing PPE

-Sanitizing all surfaces

We recommend bringing your own disposable gloves, wipes and/or sanitizer as an extra precaution.

We Service Events Too!

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