About Us



Keep It Green Recycling is a service that provides recycling for businesses, homes, & special events. 


For various types of businesses & special events, we offer a variety of bins and can easily adjust to your recycling needs.  Call on us, and we can help you donate & recycle, with out creating garbage.

Included with our service, we provide

  • Set up of all recycling bins
  • Orientation with employees
  • Pick-up once a week (adjustable)
  • Maintenance on all bins
  • Inserting fresh bags in all bins

Special Event Service, we provide

  • Set up of all recycling bins & compost
  • Orientation with employees
  • Donation drop off’s
  • Maintenance on all bins
  • Provide bag liners
  • Keep It Green employee on site at all times
  • A grid of recycled, donated & composted items

At your home service, we provide

  • Keep It Green Employee
  • Donation drop off’s
  • Bags
  • Items properly recycled
  • Knowledge of what can & can not be recycled

Meet the Owner

Since elementary school, Kelsey Evans has taken part in many recycling clubs.  She has always been passionate for recycling and enjoys creating ways in which she can apply sustainability towards the environment.  While working in the Film Industry she began her recycling program, which rapidly grew into Keep It Green Recycling.